How much does a gastroscopy cost in Singapore, and is it Medisave claimable?

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Hi Yun Ling,

Thanks for the D2D. Based on the MOH website on October 2018, the median cost of a standard diagnostic gastroscopy performed as day surgery ranges from $300 to $910 for subsidized patients, depending on the hospital.

Medisave can be used to cover the cost of gastroscopy. For standard diagnostic gastroscopy performed as day surgery, up to $650 may be used. In most cases, this is sufficient to cover the entire cost if performed as a subsidized case in a public hospital.

However, the cost of gastroscopy is highly variable, depending on who and where it's performed. Here's a breakdown of the cost estimates: 

WhoWhereCost estimate
Subsidised patientsPublic hospitals$300 - $910
Private patientsPublic hospitals$700 - $1080
Private patientsPrivate hospitals $1500 - $2080

The cost is significantly higher if gastroscopy is done as an inpatient with an overnight stay.

The cost also increases if endoscopic treatments are performed. In such cases, the cost is even more variable due to the multitude of techniques and equipment that may be used. Proper financial counselling is usually possible only after discussion with the doctor.

My patients are fully counselled on the cost and whether their insurance will cover before they commit to any procedure, which is usually done at a later date to allow the patient time to think and clarify the information.

Some patients even get the financial counselling done before they even see me, so that they may see another doctor instead if the cost is more suitable for them.

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