How much does it cost to dissolve Ellanse filler?

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Ellanse filler is an acid filler and cannot be dissolved, unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, it resorbs and keeps its volume for 2-4 years. Once Ellanse is introduced into the body, it undergoes a “resorption” procedure whereby the molecules progressively rains. The microspheres keep their initial volume until all of the molecules are dissolved.

Any overfilling of Ellanse can’t be removed because it is non-dissolvable and hard to sculpt facial features such as the chin and nose. Thus, it is important to choose your Ellanse doctor wisely and not go for the cheapest price. Make sure that you know his/her track record of using Ellanse filler. Ellanse filler experts should have attended both trainings of Ellanse filler and facial anatomy workshops.

When Ellanse filler is properly utilised, it allows collagen-stimulation which restores youth to the face.

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