How to achieve face slimming without surgery?

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You are right in that facial structure/ bone, chubby cheeks ,hypertrophied jaw muscle, a weak Chin as well as Aging changes due to gravitational descent and volumetric changes in the facial fat Compartments can lead to a wider or broader lower face .

Depending on the assessment the following are possible 

1. Neurotoxin like Botox or Xeomin to the masseter to reduce the bulk causing the face to slim down. 

2. Chin augmentation with fillers to created a more pointed look and when combined with the above can create a V shaped effect in the lower face.

3. HIFU devices like Ultraformer III to shape and contour the jowls and lower face.

4. Fillers to contour and shape the lower face.

5 Threadlifts to create a V shape effect.

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Dr Justin Boey

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The best non-surgical methods to achieve a smaller face include:

1. Jaw botox - to reduce the size of your chewing muscles (masseter muscles). These jaw muscles might contribute to a rounder face.

2. HIFU Ultraformer - to melt cheek fat at high settings.

However, if it's due to your bone structure, you might need to consider jaw surgery. Buccal fat removal surgery can also help to reduce cheek fats.

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Dr Justin Boey 

Your options are:
  1. Botox to tighten skin or shrink muscles. Lasts 4-6 mths ($1000/session)
  2. Fillers to sharpen chin and raise the nose bridge. This enhances our midlines making our face slimmer in pictures. Lasts 4-6 mths. ($1000/session)
  3. HIFU to tighten skin n reduce chubby cheeks. This firms up saggy skin. Lasts 6-12 mths (from $3000 to $4000/session)
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