How do I get an ultrasound scan for a lump in Singapore?

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Dr Paul Ang

"Family Physician with special interest in Mental Health"

Thank you for asking this question that will benefit a lot of readers. I can imagine that you would be worried about a lump over your chest.

An ultrasound is usually ordered by the GP or specialists to tell us more information about a lump. For me, I am a family physician, usually we will write a letter that will allow you to be scanned in a neighborhood location. Usually costs about a hundred.

There are some GP clinics that have an ultrasound machine. But I'm not very sure of these clinics locations at the moment.

Usually the doctor has to agree that a scan is required. We generally do not like to recommend unnecessary scans.

Lumps and Bumps on the body are common occurrences. Common ones are cysts and lipomas (fat tissue). Since you have had the lump for almost 1 year now has it grown in size or caused any symptoms?

General rule of thumb if its hard and non-mobile it maybe tethered or have a bone component to it. If its more mobile and "squishy" more likely to be a cyst. However I would recommend that you see a doctor for this for a more accurate examination.

Usually these cysts  can be removed under local anesthetic and the sample/lump sent to the lab for a proper diagnosis. 

Hope this clarifies.  

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