How to remove blue nevus mole? (photo)

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From your photo, it does look like a blue naevus but you should still get it examined under dermoscopy by a Dermatologist to be sure. A blue naevus is actually a harmless mole that grows deep in the skin and has a bluish black colour.

It may have become a little irritated after you have picked at it. You can treat it with some creams to settle the irritation. Alternatively if you prefer to remove the mole, surgical excision is the best method. This is a straightforward procedure that can be done in our clinic and takes just 10 mins. After a quick numbing injection, the mole is surgically removed and can be sent to the lab for testing.

A couple of stitches are applied to close the wound. There will be a small scar resulting from the mole removal. 

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Blue nevus moles belong to a family called melanocytic nevus. They are blue in color cause the pigment containing cells , melanocytes are deep in the dermis, the epidermis is usually normal. Try to refrain from scratching the area as can lead to infection and ulceration.

Although recently lasers can treat all forms of moles including blue nevus, surgical excision with marking sutures to ensure margin clearance would be ideal to ensure complete removal and to remove any suspicion of it being anything else. Given the approx size and location in the photo, local anesthetic will be sufficient with minimal scarring. If not completely removed they can return. 


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