How to treat a persistent fungi infection on my foot that does not respond to topical creams like miconazole? (photo)

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Dr Paul Ang

"Family Physician with special interest in Mental Health"

Firstly we have to be sure that it is a fungus first. We can confirm that with a skin scrape test.

Then if creams don’t work, there is powder or wash to try. And also other brands and you can try to apply more frequently.

And if all else fails, there are oral medications.

Dr Chin Yee Choong

"Dedicated to the ethical practice of Aesthetic Medicine"


The symmetrical appearance of the rash and its well-demarcated borders suggests eczema instead of a fungal infection.

An allergic contact dermatitis component either due to footwear or topical medicaments needs to be considered. A patch test may be needed to confirm this.

A full evaluation by your doctor will be required to determine the most likely cause and prescribe the appropriate treatment for you.

Hope this helps!

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