How will I know whether I will outgrow my acne or not? (photo)

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Thanks for the question.

Acne often does improve as you grow older and many people do 'outgrow' their acne.

However, acne vulgaris can persist into adulthood in 15 to 25% of individuals. It is difficult to predict who will get persistent adult acne. Some individual may have underlying conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome which can cause the acne to persist.

It is best to get active acne treated and not wait for the acne to outgrow. Acne treatment can help control the acne and improve the appearance, but importantly, it prevents acne scars from forming, which may be permanent.

You should consider seeing your doctor or dermatologist for treatment of your acne.

Dr Chin Yee Choong

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Your acne appears active and moderately severe with evidence that some scarring is occurring due to suboptimal control.

While acne tends to settle by the mid-20’s, no one can accurately predict when an individual will outgrow his/her acne. In fact 10-15% of adults continue to have active acne way into their adult years. 

In order to minimize acne scars from occurring, it is most important to get effective medical treatment for active acne at any age rather than wait to outgrow the acne.

Hope this helps!

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