Is it advisable to use different types of dermal fillers to correct facial asymmetry?

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  1. Layering of same-type fillers (Hyaluronic acid fillers, for example), within the same brand. This is considered safe and feasible. In fact, proper sculpting of the face tends to require fillers of various consistencies and properties and therefore necessitates the use of different types of hyaluronic acid fillers.
  2. The layering of same-type fillers (Hyaluronic acid fillers), across different brands. Again, this seems feasible with no suggestion of long term consequences.
  3. Layering different types of fillers (i.e. Semi-permanent fillers, such as Radiesse, Sculptra and Ellanse, with hyaluronic acid fillers). As far as possible, this is not recommended. Product layering (across different types) has been shown to induce late, long-lasting complications such as foreign body granulomas - a form of auto-immune rejection of injected material into the skin, producing nodules that can take a long time to go away.

As such, it would be wise to discuss thoroughly with your doctor before undergoing even a seemingly simple filler injection. If you are combining different fillers across different locations of the face/body (with no direct interaction of the two), the above risks should not be too relevant. 

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