Is it possible to modify treatment midway through Invisalign treatment if I want to change the final results?

Doctor's Answers (1)

Of course you can always modify your treatment plan midway through Invisalign treatment. Good communication between your orthodontist/dentist is essential to successful treatment. There must be a reason for your clinician deciding on the final result of the clincheck. Overbite reduction is almost always an important goal of orthodontic treatment, and would usually not result an ageing profile. 
However if you feel you would like a different treatment outcome, depending on your Invisalign package and how long you have been on treatment, you may be entitled to additional aligners at any point of your treatment. This means that you can stop the treatment at any time, and take new impressions or new scans to send for new aligners with a different treatment outcome and a different clincheck.
Do check with with your orthodontist/dentist and discuss your concerns with him/her so that they can address your concerns.
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Dr Geraldine Lee