Is it true that your colleagues in ophthalmology mostly wear contacts and glasses and not opt for Lasik?

Doctor's Answers (1)

There are still eye specialists wearing glasses. There are many specialists that we have done LASIK for but there are still many specialists that are wearing glasses. So I really think it's really a freedom whether you want that lifestyle choice. It is a cosmetic procedure like some people have done their double eyelids. 

So I think, when LASIK started back in the 1990s, doctors did not have the scanning equipment to determine which corneas were the safest. I think these days the ectasia (cornea decompensation rate) is low because our scanning and assessment tools are so good and doctors have many procedures such as  LASEK, Transepithelial PRK, or implantable contact lens to offer patients whose corneas might not be suitable for LASIK. We won't push everyone  for LASIK as there are some people who are not suited for it and we might get in trouble. So really, in my hands and Dr Goh's hands, we have not seen a single case of decompensation yet.


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