Is mole removal at NSC cheaper than at a private clinic in Singapore?

Doctor's Answers (2)

I think the charges for mole removal in Singapore at private clinics or NSC are pretty comparable.

The cost at NSC depends primarily on factors like:

  1. Size and location of mole
  2. Method of removal (excision vs lasers)

The cost for excision removal at NSC starts from $300 – $400 and up, and only requires 1 session.

The cost for laser removal at NSC starts from $300 and up, and typically requires a few sessions. Not all moles can be lasered off.

As NSC rates are standardised, you may be able to find some private clinics that do it for cheaper.

Usually it is easier and faster to get an appointment at private clinics. Both can issue MCs – at most, it will be a 1 day MC as it’s a very very minor procedure. Most wounds on the face heal within a week.

Do note that there’s a chance that moles can come back! You can check out this post on mole removal in Singapore for more information.

Hope this helps.

I agree with Dr Chua’s take. In fact from what I know, some private clinics do perform mole removal at very competitive prices.

But do note (as Dr Chua as stated) that some moles do recur soon after, and may need an additional session for removal.

Hope this helps!

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