Should I do laser or lip fillers first to lighten my darkened lips if I'm planning to do both?

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Hi there!

Lip augmentation is a delicate procedure which is meant to accentuate the natural curves of the lips and/or reverse the signs of ageing. This can be achieved with the use of well-placed fillers, injected in the correct plane and anatomical structures, whilst safely avoiding the blood vessels. Fillers are usually injected into the substance of the lip itself.

Lasers are commonly used for the area above the lips for rejuvenation, pigment reduction, and/or hair removal. They are not commonly performed on the red or mucosal portion of the lip.

If you are looking to accentuate your lips through fillers as well as use the laser for the above purposes, they can be performed in the same session.

Hope this helps!

Dr Adrian Ooi

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Polaris Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery