What are the next steps if I have adenoma and have multiple polyps in my rectum?

Doctor's Answers (1)

Usually, Adenomatous polyps (adenomas) can be completely removed with the colonoscopy, so I presume that has been done. If it has not been done he should consider doing another colonoscopy to make sure all the polyps have been removed.

Let's say it has been removed. We look at the biopsy report to see if there are any worrying factors. If the report says that it is an adenoma, we actually subclassify it, basically, adenomas means that it is benign, non-cancerous.

But we know that adenomas have a theoretical possibility of evolving in time to become cancerous. But given that it has been removed, he has avoided this possibility. What is important is surveillance. Given that he has formed adenomas in his rectum, moving forward, he is at an increased risk of forming new adenomas. So typically, he may be asked by his doctor to repeat the colonoscopy, depending on what the biopsy shows.

Sometimes, they might say come back and do another one in 3 years. If the biopsy shows more worrying features, they might say to come back and repeat it in 1 year instead.

The other thing to know is that if you have polyps, you may want to tell your other family members that you have polyps because sometimes the tendency of developing other polyps run in families. So, if he has siblings or if his parents have never done a colonoscopy, it is worthwhile to do the screening.

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