What are the next steps if I have Peutz Jeghers syndrome and have multiple polyps from my oesophagus to the rectum?

Doctor's Answers (1)

I am sure that if you know your diagnosis, you would already be seeing or on a  regular follow-up with a surgeon or gastroenterologist to do regular screening.

But this is actually a condition where you might develop multiple polyps anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract, not just the colon or rectum and these polyps have some risk of becoming cancerous.

So, you would have to go for regular screening and unfortunately, the polyps might be so numerous that, unless cancer actually develops, it may not be practical to aim for complete eradication or removal of every single polyp. But rather you might remove large and suspicious ones if you have a lot.

I am sure your doctor would have a regular schedule for you to go back to see them, but you should be very careful and not miss any of the sessions.

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