How can severe acne scars be further improved if I am currently on TCA Cross treatment? (photo)

Doctor's Answers (1)

You have a combination of scar types and will benefit most from a carefully selected series of treatments that include TCA Cross, lasers (ablative and picosecond fractional forms), with or without fractional radiofrequency treatments and subcision. 

These usually need to be planned in series, and TCA is commonly done first on the deep pitted scars. Further improvements can be sought by performing fractional lasers to resurface the superficial layers and blending scars. 

For further synergistic effect, the use of biostimulators like Rejuran can potentiate the healing process and further improve outcomes while undergoing therapy. 

All the best with your journey on acne scar management! Outcomes are lasting and definitely worth the investment in time and money.