Should I see a dermatologist for itchy palms?

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There can be quite a number of causes for itchy palms, but one of the most common causes is eczema.

Other causes include psoriasis, dry skin, or even contact dermatitis (contact allergy to something that you touched, for example latex gloves).

Doctors will need more information to diagnose the cause behind your itchy palms though, including a physical examination.

Is it necessary to see a dermatologist?

You can seek help from a GP or a dermatologist.

For now, you can try the following to prevent your condition from worsening:

  1. Use moisturizers liberally. This prevents your skin from drying out and itching. QV cream is a good and cheap brand in Singapore to use.
  2. Protect your hands. Always make sure your hands are protected with gloves whenever you are touching any irritants, or say, washing the dishes.
  3. Avoid using harsh detergents and soaps.


I fully agree with Dr Ethan’s answer. The commonest cause if hand itch is hand eczema. Hand eczema can be aggravated by use of soap and detergents and contact with irritants so this should be minimized.

Sometimes, you may noticed tiny bubbles on your hands and this a form of hand eczema called dyshidrotic eczema.

Psoriasis and contact dermatitis are other possible causes.

The general measures for hand protection suggested by Dr Ethan are excellent. However, if the itch or rash is persistent, it is best to see your dermatologist or gp to get it assessed and treated.

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