Should someone with eczema avoid certain foods?

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Hi Jian Hua, 

There are many causes for eczema, mostly due to a genetic predisposition. We consider food allergy causing skin rashes if the child has recently tried the food (usually during the weaning periods) and has demonstrated consistent skin rashes every time that particular food is introduced.

It is unusual to gain a food allergy if the child has been eating the same food for a long period of time without any skin or gut problems. Skin rashes due to food allergies tend to be severe, and occur with every single ingestion of the suspected food. It cannot only appear periodically, or if the suspected food is taken in great amounts (but not in small quantities).

It is best to consult a doctor regarding the possibility of food allergies as we can recommend food allergy tests if needed in your child. It is better to have a food allergy test for confirmation rather than self-restricting the diet of a growing child.

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Dr Lucinda Tan, Consultant at National Skin Centre

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