What activities can I pursue while recovering from LASIK?

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Dr David Chan

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Most patients would see improvement in vision the next day especially those who have had LASIK and ReLEx SMILE. The recovery process however is on-going over the next couple of weeks and stabilisation of vision may take up to 3 months. 

The post-op advice is divided into 2 stages - to prevent infection and thereafter to smoothen the recovery process. Immediately after the surgery, some patients may experience dryness and it is advisable to reduce screen time including heavy reading for the first 3 days to 7 days to help with recovery.

In general, light exercises like jogging, fuming and yoga can be resumed after a week. You may however want to wait for a month before resuming water activities like swimming and diving. Also stay away from contact sports the first month to avoid accidental injury to your eyes. Apart from these, you may proceed with your day to day activities as per usual.

When in doubt, seek your eye surgeon’s advice so as to minimise infection and ensure a smooth recovery for your eyes. 

It is important to allow your eyes sufficient time to heal while recovering from a LASIK surgery. If you engage in light sports, you may resume them after about 5 days. For more active sports (such as swimming, diving, bungee jumping, football, etc), you may resume them after about 1 month. If you regularly engage in rugged and contact sports (such as boxing, wrestling, rugby, etc), it is not very advisable to engage them after a LASIK surgery due to the cut flap created during the procedure.

On the other hand, if you have not undergone the procedure, you may want to consider the no-cut, no-flap Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA) procedures including TransPRK which does not involve the cutting of a corneal flap, allowing you to participate in rugged and active sports without any worry of corneal flap complications.

I will need to know your age and whether you are a contact lens wearer or not. After your first post-op review, you may resume your daily activities other than refrain from swimming for one month.

Below is some information you may need to consider wavefront-guided iDesign iLASIK at our Eye Centre.

iDesign iLASIK corrects

  • Myopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Long-sightedness
  • Presbyopia

It is the technology used for NASA astronauts' LASIK surgery, as well as US Naval pilots'  LASIK surgery. It is renowned for providing excellent night vision (minimum glare and haloes at night), in addition to getting rid of your glasses. 

Wavefront-guided iDesign iLASIK used computer-guidance and map-guidance throughout the entire surgical procedure, ensuring very good accuracy. 

iDesign iLASIK costs S$1850 per eye 

First Consultation is  S$130 and includes all pre-surgery tests and measurements.  

Post surgery reviews are S$85 per visit. 

We also offer another cheaper option:  Standard LASIK (not iDesign iLASIK) at S$1650 per eye. It is good enough to get rid of glasses - but may be associated with some post-operation night-time glare and haloes,which is not serious enough to stop one from driving at night.

The standard option is not computer-guided or wavefront map - guided, therefore may not be as accurate as wavefront-guided when it comes to correction of astigmatism.

People may consider this cheaper alternative if they do not have high astigmatism and do not drive too much at night-time. 

We often perform LASIK surgery on the same day as your first consultation for LASIK assessment, as long as you have left your contact lenses out for 3 days prior to the consultation (only then will your measurements be very accurate ). 

The LASIK evaluation and measurements by our optometrists and doctors are very detailed and would take approx. one hour. The treatment itself is only approx. 20 minutes for both eyes, but you should allow more time for getting prepped for LASIK operating theatre, signing consent form and being briefed by our nurses on the aftercare and use of post-op medications.

No fasting or sedation is required for LASIK surgery.

The procedure itself and post-op are entirely pain-free. You will be able to see well enough without your glasses immediately after treatment and can make your own way home safely on public transport ( eg MRT ) after the procedure.

You may resume many hours of computer or reading the next day which will not affect the speed of your recovery at all.

You can resume all sports and dance, and perform heavy lifting ( no worries about sweat or shampoo entering the eye) the next day, except no swimming for 2 weeks post-op.  

So the only thing you have to prepare is to discontinue contact lens wear 3 days prior to your consultation/treatment. For same-day surgery, please do not wear any of the following on the day:

  • Make uo
  • Hair spray
  • Hair gel
  • Eau de toilette




At the moment, for a limited time period, there is a $5 LASIK screening by Optometrists at our clinic. So, if you would like to come for screening for suitability for LASIK surgery by our Optometrists, please let me know and I will arrange this for you. 

During this period, if you decided to take up LASIK surgery after the screening and want to be examined by our doctor, we will give you a  50% discount for the first consultation ( $130 - 50% discount = $65 ).   

Please do not hesitate to contact us at +65 6560 2220 to schedule an appointment for your assessment, otherwise, just let us know your preferred date and time through this email.


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