What alternatives are there to IMH for inpatient hospitalisation in Singapore?

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Dr Beng Yeong Ng

"Psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience"

Among the private hospitals, there is Camden ward in Mount Elizabeth Hospital (off Orchard Road) that has an inpatient psychiatric facility. In the restructured hospitals, there are psychiatric beds in NUH, CGH and SGH.

It will be good to discuss with the psychiatrists in the restructured hospital first before arranging for inpatient treatment as they have their own constraints and may only deem certain types of cases suitable for inpatient treatment in their settings.  

Dr Paul Ang

"Family Physician with special interest in Mental Health"

Thank you for sharing your question for the benefit of other patients.

Mental health disorders are better treated in the clinic setting.

The hospital wards are reserved for patients who are very ill. The hospital stay only forms a part of your treatment. 

It is best that you get a long term psychiatrist, family doctor with interest in mental health or psychologist to follow you up. They will recommend hospitalisation if you require it.

Until then, it might be better to stay outside. 

That is of course unless if you have intention to harm yourself or others. In that case, only IMH wards can admit you. All other psychiatric units will refer you there anyway.

The following public hospitals in Singapore have a psychiatric ward:

  • SGH
  • IMH
  • SKH (Seng Kang General Hospital)
  • CGH (Changi General Hospital)
  • NUH 
  • TTSH

The following private hospitals in Singapore have a psychiatric ward:

  • Mt Elizabeth Hospital

You can get a referral from the polyclinic if you would like to be voluntarily warded, at a subsidised rate. Hospitalisation is usually reserved for very distressed patients who are in danger of harming themselves, or those who are seeking specific treatments such as ECT in Singapore.

You can call the 24-hour hotline 1800-221 4444 to get immediate help and talk to somebody.

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