What are common causes of blurry vision 1 month after ReLEx SMILE surgery?

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There can be many common causes of blurry vision 1 month after laser vision correction (ReLExSMILE, LASIK, PRK) such as dry eye, post-op inflammation or residual refractive power.

We often see dry eye causing transient blurry vision for patients who have undergone laser vision correction. As your vision improves after surgery, it is normal for patient to increase their work load as well. When one uses their eyes for long hours of near work, they do not blink as much and this can increase dry eye symptoms leading to blurry vision.

Another possible cause of blurry vision can be due to post-op inflammation leading to fluctuation of vision. It is important to note that your eyes are still healing and recovering; it usually takes 3 months for your vision to fully stabilise after surgery.

If there is residual refractive power due to under- or over-correction, it is best to discuss with your eye surgeon the next course of action. I would suggest visiting your ophthalmologist to ascertain the reason for the blurry vision and have it treated accordingly.

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There are a number of potential causes of blurry vision after SMILE, or indeed after any other eye surgery including LASIK, PRK, cataract surgery and so on.

Factors that need to be considered include the characteristics of the blurring, such as whether it fluctuates or is constant, whether the blurring is worse for a particular distance, whether it is worse under certain lighting conditions, whether it is getting better over time, and whether there are any measures that help to reduce the blurring eg eyedrops.

A list of causes of visual blurring would have to include things like under/overcorrection of the spectacle power, dry eyes, treatment/surgical issues or complications, etc.

The best thing to do is to see your doctor for a comprehensive evaluation, which is the only way to determine the likely cause and then to treat the problem as appropriate.

Patients who continue to experience blurred vision after Relex Smile should undergo a comprehensive assessment by their attending Doctor.
The causes commonly include dry eyes or residual refractive error, and rarely disturbed epithelial surface from loose epithelium.
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