What are possible causes of a small lump under my armpit?

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Dr Stephanie Ho

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Thank you for your question. There can be multiple causes of a lump affecting the armpit. The common causes would be an ingrown hair, infection of a hair follicle, cysts or lipomas. The more worrying causes like an enlarged lymph node due to breast cancer must also be excluded.

It is most important for you to see a doctor to ascertain the cause of your lump.

Most of these lumps can be easily treated with antibiotics or simple surgery to remove the lump, depending on the cause. I would encourage you to seek help from a doctor or dermatologist as soon as possible, so they can check you over and you no longer have to worry alone.

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Dr Stephanie Ho, Dermatologist

This is a really broad question! 

To answer this question thoroughly: any structure from every layer of the armpit can give rise to a lump. I state a list below, and there may be even rarer ones which I have missed out!
Skin: Pimple, sebaceous cyst, oil cyst, ingrown hair, fibroma, sweat gland tumour (rare), skin cancer (rare)
Fat: Lipoma, liposarcoma (rare cancer)
Muscle: Rhabdomyoma, rhabdomyosarcomas (both very rare)
Blood vessel: Haemangioma, aneurysm, fistula
Lymphatics: Lymphocele, enlarged lymph node (which may be due to reactive swelling from infection, tuberculosis, parasitic infections, lymphoma, metastasis - cancer spread from somewhere else)
Nerve: neuroma, nerve sheath tumours
If you are bothered by it, please go see a doctor for an examination. 
Google will not give you a good answer, as there are too many possibilities!
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