What are possible solutions to straighten an impacted molar tooth? (photo)

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there are different solutions to straighten your teeth. They include metal braces with stainless steel brackets, metal braces with ceramic (tooth-coloured) brackets, and Invisalign (clear aligners). 

It can either be partial braces or on one jaw only, and that depends on what is required.

We generally need to do a clinical examination of your teeth, x-rays and photos in order to provide a treatment plan. This is done during your first visit.

During then, we discuss the pros and cons of the various teeth alignment methods available and you can then decide on the one that you feel most comfortable with in terms of budget, frequency of review and comfort.

Thank you for your enquiry.

As Dr Chan has advised, we can use different appliances to upright impacted molars. Your orthodontist can advise you on the various methods, pros and cons and pricing to assist you to make your decision. You may also need to remove the wisdom tooth beside the impacted molar if it is still present, and if the wisdom tooth is impacted, surgical removal may be warranted.

Sometimes, we may also require the use of a microimplant (temporary anchorage device), a small pin we insert into the bone temporarily to assist the uprighting of the molar. It is very small and comfortable, and that increases the efficiency of treatment in many cases. After the tooth is uprighted, it is removed.

Your orthodontist can advise you better on this after a detailed examination. All the best!

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