What are some signs of an allergic reaction to skincare products? (photo)

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When you apply wrong  products on the face, you can develop a contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis can be due to irritation from harsh products and this is termed irritant contact dermatitis. It can be due to an allergic reaction to ingredients in a product, and this is termed allergic contact dermatitis.  

Contact dermatitis can cause the skin to develop red, patches or bumpy rashes and this is often itchy. The skin can also be dry and crack.  In severe cases, the rash can be oozy and develop blisters.

In contact dermatitis, it is important  to avoid further use of the products which may aggravate the rash. Using a gentle soap free cleanser is helpful. A mild topical steroid can be prescibed to calm the rash.

The bumpy rashes on the face can also be due to clogged pores or comedones from products that have a tendency to clog  pores. 

If the rashes persist, it would be good for you to see your doctor or dermatologist for a closer examination to determine the exact cause and advise on further treatment.

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