What are the best ways to take care of a patient after a cataract surgery?

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Thanks for theD2D. It is very important to follow the post-operation instructions given by the surgeon to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery. Patients should maintain strict compliance to the post-surgery medications provided and ensure that their eyes and eyelids are always kept clean and water does not enter the eye.

At my clinic, we provide our patients with a “care pack” containing the necessary medication, accessories and instructions for post-surgery care. Our patients also come back for a review one day, one week and one month after surgery to ensure their recovery is well on track.

Always consult your eye surgeon early should there be increasing redness, pain, swelling or blurring of vision after the cataract surgery.

After cataract surgery, the most important tips are:

1. Remember to instill post-surgery eyedrops consistently and regularly as prescribed.

2. Prevent any 'dirty' or contaminated water from entering the eye (for example, swimming pool water).

3. Avoid dusty or 'smoky' places or wear protective eye-wear if you should need to be exposed to such environments. 

4. Avoid rubbing your eyes because you don't want to irritate your healing wound.

5. Try to avoid strenuous exercise in the first week to allow optimum healing of your wound. 

6. Do take a good dose of vitamin C through a good diet or healthy supplements to encourage high immunity and good healing mechanisms. 

7. See your eye doctor as scheduled at Day 1, Week 1 and Month 1 so that he/she can manage your post-surgery care best.

Hope that helps!

Dr Claudine Pang


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