What are the most common reasons for cataract surgery in Singapore?

Doctor's Answers (1)

The most common causes of cataracts are:

  • Age – We will all develop a cataract when we get older. It’s a matter of how severe the cataract is and whether our vision is impaired by it, that determines whether or not we need surgery.
  • Excessive sunlight exposure – We know that ultraviolet rays from sunlight exposure is a major risk factor for cataract formation. Hence, with cumulative exposure to sunlight without proper UV protection, we will need cataract surgery sooner than most.
  • Improper or prolonged steroid use – Steroid medication in any form can lead to early cataract formation. This includes steroid eyedrops, steroid inhalers and nasal sprays.
  • Diabetes mellitus – Elevated blood sugar level can lead changes in the lens proteins which bring about early cataract.
  • High myopia – People with higher degrees of myopia or short-sightedness are more like to get cataract earlier in life.