What could cause a saddle nose after a septoplasty procedure?

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A saddle nose gets it's name from the shape that it forms, it looks a bit like a saddle with a depression in the middle.

There are many causes of a saddle nose, but the underlying cause is loss of support of the dorsum of the nose. Basically the internal cartilaginous septum is not strong enough to support the nose. This can be due to trauma, ischaemic necrosis, infection or surgical.

Septoplasty may have caused weakening in the septum, leading to a saddle nose deformity.

The way to fix it is reconstruction or strengthening of the septum. This is usually achieved with cartilage grafts from your rib as you probably will not have enough cartilage left in your septum.

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Septoplasty involves removal or weakening of the portion of the septum that is deviated. The septum is also the main support structure that gives our nose its shape.

When the Septoplasty had been too aggressive in removing or weakening the septum, structural weakening can occur. This may sometimes take time to manifest itself. With time, not only is there a worsening saddle deformity, the breathing function can also get worse as the nose starts to collapse on itself. 

To fix a saddle nose requires reconstruction of the septum. This usually means harvesting cartilage from the rib to repair the septum via an open septorhinoplasty. 

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