What determines the cost of dental implants in Singapore?

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I’ll try to touch upon the three brands I have had experience with – Osstem, Dentium and Straumann.

There are many factors which are considered when dentists price their dental implants in Singapore.

  1. Brand of implant. Korean branded implants such as Osstem and Dentium are usually cheaper. They were founded in 1995 and 2000 respectively, and both have over 10 years of long term data. Both have Research Institutes with continuous investments and large global networks. Straumann was founded in 1954 in Switzerland. They have more than 35 years of clinical research and over 100 scientific publications. Their implant costs are higher though. Dentists usually joke that Straumann implants are like having a Ferrari, whereas Osstem and Dentium are like having a Toyota. It’s important to remember that both are reputable and functional.
  2. Material of implant fixture. All three of the mentioned systems use Titanium implant fixtures. The fixture is the screw which acts as the root of the replacement tooth.
  3. Material of implant crown. The crown is the head of the tooth – this is what is visible and is above the gum margin. The choice of material for the crown will affect the cost of the implant. It’s important to ask your dentist too (those who are offering implants at $2000) if the crown is included.
  4. Dental surgeon. General dentists can provide implant surgery. Specialist periodontists and specialist oral surgeons can also provide implant surgery. Usually specialists charge more then general dentists. Some general dentists will charge higher amounts based on their own level of experience, how many courses they have attended to improve their skills, and the choice of implant fixture and crown.
  5. Private dental industry. In Singapore, prices are not fixed in private dental care. Dentists can effectively charge any amount they deem is fair – based on materials, their level of skill/experience, clinic overheads etc.
  6. Implant placement complexity. Some implants will require additional steps before or during implant placement. This can include bone grafts or sinus lifts, which again will reflect in the overall cost of the implant.

This list isn’t exhaustive and there are of course many other implant brands available. I hope it has at least given you an idea of why there is such a big price range.

Dr Gerald Tan

"17 years of experience in dental implant surgery"

thank you for your enquiry!

I understand that it can be frustrating when faced with a wide range of fees when trying to find a good dentist for your mom.

Many clinics all over the island offer dental implant surgery as a treatment option, from the smaller clinics in the suburbs, to the big group practices in town and finally the government institutions like the National Dental Centre.

I have written several articles about dental implants:



I hope as you read my articles and as you do more of your own research into the matter, you can come to your own decision about which clinic to bring your mum to.

For something as important as your mom's teeth, it may be prudent for you not to go for the absolute cheapest, but at the same time, perhaps at this point there is also no need to go to the top, most expensive dental specialist in Singapore.

My humble advice is for you to find a caring, honest and experienced dentist from a reputable clinic that charges a fair fee for good service as a good point to start. If your mum's case is complicated, you can always see someone more experienced later on, but its fair to expect to pay more then.

Also, you can always get a second or third opinion later if you feel that the first dentist you go to is not suitable for your mum.

Lastly it is my opinion that it is unfair to say that one brand of dental implant is better than another brand. All brands of dental implants available in Singapore have passed through strict HSA regulatory checks and are safe to use.

There are pros and cons to every implant brand available and some dental surgeons prefer to use one brand better than another for various reasons. It does not mean that the most expensive implant brand is the best for all clinical situations and conversely, it does not mean also that the cheapest implant brands are automatically lousy for all clinical situations.

It is more important that you find a good dentist that is able to diagnose the problem accurately and to be able to indicate several treatment options for your mum to make an informed choice. If your mum eventually chooses to get dental implants done, a good dentist should be able to indicate for the correct type and brand of dental implant , that would work best in your mums unique situation.

I hope this information is useful for you and i wish your mum every success in finding a dentist she can trust!

Kind Regards

Dr Gerald Tan

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