What exactly happens during cataract surgery?

Doctor's Answers (1)

The first step would be to numb the eye, in various ways, like eye drops or injection around the eye to make sure the surgery is painless.

One of the most important steps is cleaning, I'm sure any eye doctor will clean the eye with a lot of cleaning solution.

After that, a small incision will be made to access the eye.

Then we will make an incision in the anterior capsule, the front part of the lens, usually making a circular opening to access the lens.

Then we use something called an ultrasound machine to go into the lens before activating it to smash the lens into small bits.

then we will use suction to vacuum the bits up.

Once we have done a thorough cleaning, we will put in lens implants and close it.

The most you will feel is some pressure at times, but it isn’t painful.

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