What is the best acne treatment for recurrent breakouts at temple, jawline and chin?

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I noticed that I tend to breakouts after holidays.

Yes, weather and humidity changes can sometimes trigger breakouts. Stress/poor quality of sleep due to jet lag and time differences can also contribute. Speaking from personal experience here; I tend to break out much worse in Singapore than I did living in the UK.

Went to national skin centre for consultation, and was given some watery creams and Cetaphil products to use.

Hard to comment on what you were given, but from what you’ve described here, NSC doesn’t seem to have given you anything specifically for acne treatment. Perhaps you have a background of eczema as well for which NSC treated you for then?

Went to normal GP and was given mycin clindamycin lotion. It somehow reduces the bump sizes but the constant breakout is not entirely getting better. Sometimes I would use differin on some larger bumps.

Differin (a type of retinoid cream) is probably more effective at PREVENTING new acne spots from forming, rather than treating those that have appeared already. You can use the clindamycin lotion or benzoyl peroxide cream instead on the active acne spots. See here for other types of acne treatments:


But now it seems to be in this constant troubled state since February. What should I do?? 

See a doctor who has an interest in treating acne, or a dermatologist.

Your acne doesn’t sound too bad, to be honest, so don’t stress too much over it. Do some reading about effective acne treatments (in the link above and on Google).

For mild to moderate acne, topical treatments should work quite well for you. This would include various combinations of benzoyl peroxide cream, clindamycin lotion and Retin-A cream. Your doctor should be able to prescribe all of this to you.

Just stick to the regime and your acne should improve in no time.

From your description, it sounds like you have hormonally acne which naturally worsens nearer your menses, and during stressful periods. And as pointed out, changes in humidity play a big part too, so you tend to notice them after your holidays.

As for your treatment regimen, Differin works well on long-term acne control and reduces your blackheads and whiteheads (comedones). Larger bumps (angry red pimples) respond better to antimicrobial agents like clindoxyl, which contain benzoyl peroxide. Skin irritation may occur, so it is best to use them under a doctor’s advice after a formal consultation.

Lifestyle measures are also important in acne control, so do ensure you are aware of these.

  1. Cleanse, exfoliate and treat. Gently clean your face 2x a day, using a minimal touch technique. Don't overclean your face. (This is to remove all the old and dead skin that is clogging the pores, but not over irritating your skin.)
  2. Use oil-free or ‘non-comedogenic’ makeup products. Remember, you use makeup to look more beautiful, not to worsen your acne.
  3. Never ever squeeze a pimple and minimise touching your face. I know its easier said than done, but you risk scarring, darkening and spreading the pimple to other parts of your precious face.
  4. Wash your pillowcase, and your pillow on a regular basis. Your pillows otherwise collect all the sebum, makeup and dirt that contribute to pore clogging.
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