What is the cost breakdown of the various teeth alignment options up until retention phase?

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There are generally 2 broad categories of teeth alignment options: 1. Fixed onto your teeth e.g metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces (braces on the tongue side) or

2. Removable appliances such as clear aligners or active removable appliances such as spring aligners

It is difficult to be precise about cost as it varies depending on the complexity of your malocclusion and the type of appliance used, but I can give you a ballpark figure. You may refer to my article on cost of Invisalign and other clear aligner options here, I have also included fixed braces cost as an estimate: 


Different clinics have different payment structures,generally speaking, fixed braces are charged as a package and some clinics include the retainers in the package. Do ask your dentist/orthodontist about this. The package fee may or may not include xrays and study models, cost of xrays range from $70-100 each and study models are about $50-70. Metal braces package ranges from $4000-$6000, if self ligating braces such as Damon braces are used, the package fee may be more due to the higher cost of the brackets. The use of ceramic braces generally ranges from $5000-$7000. With the introduction of digital technology, there are also customised braces and wires that allow for the braces to be customised to your teeth and allows your dentist/orthodontist to finish the case faster(e.g Insignia). As the braces are customised to your teeth, there is an added laboratory fee for its fabrication. Do speak to your dentist/orthodontist about the cost. 

At the end of braces, your dentist/orthodontist will fabricate a set of retainers to help maintain your smile.There are generally 3 types of retainer design and the cost estimate are as follows:

1. Clear vacuum form retainers (about $250 each)

2. Retainers with metal wires e.g Hawley retainers (about $250 -$300 each)

3. fixed retainers (about $300) 

It is not uncommon for patients who require fixed retainers to be also given a retainer to fit over the fixed retainer, this depends on your case requirements and retention needs. 

Hope this helps and all the very best,

Dr Priscilla Lu


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