What is the link between menopause and chronic fatigue syndrome, and how can I treat it?

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Dr Michelle Chia

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I am sorry to hear that these symptoms have been so troubling for you and affecting your quality of life. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome is usually diagnosed when no other medical conditions or causes can be found for a person's symptoms of excessive tiredness/fatigue. This sounds like it may be consistent with the symptoms you are going through.

Very often, chronic fatigue syndrome can affect a person's quality of life and day to day activities, which becomes very frustrating for the affected person.

To address your question with regards to the link between menopause and chronic fatigue syndrome, the relation between the 2 conditions has actually not been extensively studied as of yet. 

However, studies have shown that the majority of women affected by chronic fatigue syndrome are in their late 40s to 50s, which also correspond to women in their peri-menopausal or menopausal years.

In addition, menopause itself can lead to symptoms of fatigue, tiredness, mood swings or lower energy levels due to the lower level of female hormones in the body. As such, having menopaused may in turn be an additional factor for the symptoms you are experiencing as well.

Hope this addresses your concerns and hope you feel better soon.


Dr Michelle Chia

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