What is visual acuity recovery like after ReLEx® SMILE®?

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Visual recovery after Relex SMILE is usually very rapid, and certainly by 1 week most patients are seeing very well. If distance vision is still not optimal, it is possible that there is residual refractive error that was not fully corrected by the procedure, dry eyes, glare or haloes that could be affecting their visual acuity under low-light conditions. Some patients who undergo adjunctive collagen cross-linking at the same time, also experience protracted and delayed visual recovery.
Do consult your treating ophthalmologist for a detailed examination and review! They would be in the best position to advise on this specific situation.
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Under normal circumstances, visual recovery for ReLEx® SMILE® is usually quite quick in the initial period. Patients usually can recover about 75% of their vision the very next day. The remaining 25%, which includes other aspects (such as contrast and haloes), will gradually recover in the following days and weeks.

We usually advise patients to be diligent with the prescribed eyedrops as they also help with the recovery and stabilisation of vision after the surgery.

It would be worthwhile to check in with your friend in a few weeks. It is likely his vision would have been much improved by then.

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