What's the next step if I suspect that my acne, irregular periods and weight gain is due to hormones?

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It is true that hormonal derangements can cause acne, irregular periods and weight gain. One common cause is polycystic ovaries (PCOS); although even thyroid hormone imbalances can cause similar problems.

Rather than speculate, I would suggest a consultation with a doctor (as acne is very complex). I would also do blood investigations to evaluate your hormone levels first and possibly imaging scans as needed. Hormone balancing is also another complex issue, as your body's hormone levels are interlinked. A doctor experienced with this is important in ensuring your hormone levels are well managed. 

For conditions such as PCOS, even though the patients are typically managed by gynecologists, the skin related derangements such as acne are routinely managed by aesthetic doctors and dermatologists.
Your guess seems right on track, and based on your symptoms you might want to be evaluated for possible polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

You might want to start with your general practitioner who will be able to arrange for a physical exam, some basic and diagnostic blood tests, as well as a pelvic ultrasound. In Singapore, endocrinologists and gynaecologists most commonly manage PCOS. 

If your symptoms and acne are indeed due to the above hormonal issue, management with lifestyle changes such as weight management, with or without oral contraceptive pills, can be of good use. 

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Your symptoms do sound suggestive of PCOS, though other conditions (such as excess steroid hormone production) have to be excluded.
I would suggest seeing an endocrinologist or gynecologist for an evaluation. He/she will take a thorough history and do a physical examination, and depending on the findings, request for some blood tests.
If you do indeed have PCOS, apart from lifestyle advice, there are certain medications that can potentially help your periods, weight and skin.
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