When is root canal treatment the best option for an infected tooth? (photo)

Doctor's Answers (1)

Generally, when a tooth is damaged or diseased, we will examine if it is possible to save the tooth. If it can be saved, a root canal treatment will be recommended. 

A root canal treatment involves the following:

1) Creating an opening into the affected tooth

2)  Removing the infected contents in the canals

3) Thorough cleaning of the canals

4) Fill up the canals with a root canal filling material

4) Restore the affected tooth with an appropriate filling

Following which, a dental crown may be recommended to protect against fracture and improve on the appearance of the tooth.

If it can't be saved, then it will need to be extracted. This may occur when:

1) the cavity is too large; causing the teeth to be too weak structurally to be restored

2) an extensive crack is present ie. crack extends into the roots of the tooth

Since the condition of infected teeth can differ vastly, you are recommended to visit an endodontist/dentist so that he/she can do a thorough examination of your dental condition and advise what is the best treatment option for your infected tooth.

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