When is septoplasty surgery required for a deviated septum, and what will happen if it is left untreated?

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Septoplasty is necessary if you experience frequent nasal obstruction, that is not able to able to be controlled with medications.

It can also be part of the therapy for obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

If a deviated nasal septum is left untreated, the symptoms of nasal obstruction will persist.  If the problem is part of the spectrum of OSA, then long term complications of OSA such as high blood pressure, heart problems and increased risk of stroke may occur. 

By far the most common indication for Septoplasty is for nasal obstruction, a condition that mostly causes discomfort and inconvenience. Occasionally, the nasal obstruction can be severe enough to cause or worsen obstructive sleep apnoea, which is a medical condition that demands attention as it can lead to health problems. 

Rarely, we perform Septoplasty when there is recurrent nose bleed. The curvature of the deviated septum alters the airflow and can cause excessive drying of the lining at specific areas, leading to frequent nose bleeding. 

One other reason we perform Septoplasty is as part of sinus surgery to give us enough space to perform the sinus surgery. 

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