Which breast implant is best for petite Asian women?

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Thank you for your questions! In my experience, Asian women tend to prefer a more natural breast shape with a full but not excessive cleavage. Hence, I prefer tear-drop 5th generation cohesive gel textured implants for my patients to achieve this. To further attain a natural appearance and feel, I place most of my implants under the pectoralis muscle using a Dual Plane technique. For someone who is petite like yourself with a narrow ribcage, I would use a moderate-plus profile implant to get a full look without going over the top.

Cost of a breast augmentation, all-inclusive of standard medications, anaesthetist and facility fees, starts from S$14,000.

I hope this answers your questions and please feel free to contact us should you require a no-obligation detailed consultation.

I have tried all implants available in Singapore and some other brands that are not available here too when I did my fellowship in the UK.

My current favourite is Motiva. I like the technology behind it. The information is freely available on the internet.

One of the concerns my patients have raised to me is the lack of FDA approval. However Motiva Implants® have been approved for use in more than 60 other countries, including the UK, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Japan,Australia, South Korea AND SINGAPORE.

FDA clinical investigation trials have started, is it expected to lead to a FDA certification. 

NB: I do not have any conflict of interests to declare with Motiva. I just use what I think is best for my patients. I use other implant brands too 😋.

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