Which skincare products would you recommend for acne-prone skin?

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Clindoxyl is very good for inflammatory acne indeed. However it may not be a good long term solution as it promotes antibiotic resistance (even though adding benzoyl peroxide to Clinda reduces resistance). Furthermore, the BPO in Clindoxyl can dry skin out because of its keratolytic effect. Papulex products may be more suitable for long term use as Dr Israr suggested.

Medical grade retinoids are excellent for long term use to control oily and acne skin. In fact they are recommended for long term use to maintain its effects, and should be stopped only if pregnant or breastfeeding. Differin is a very well tolerated medical grade retinoid.

Skinceuticals is a very research-based skincare range which even shows on their website which products to use based on your skin type. Moisturising with the correct type of serum and moisturisers are very important in acne because dry skin can be more prone to acne.

Long term wise, certain lasers like the Erbium-Glass or Nd-Yag lasers help with oil control, while also removing the blemishes left behind. See your aesthetic doctor for a more personalised approach to your skincare – it could save you time and trouble from DIY attempts.

Hope this helps!

Sounds like you’re having more of the oily, acne-prone skin type.

For such skin type, please ensure the products you’re using have a line that states “non-comedogenic”.

Usually the skincare regime for such skin is very specific, and I won’t recommend you to be too adventurous with trying other products.

Papulex, Aknicare products are suitable cleansers, treatment lotions and non comedogenic moisturisers to use on a daily basis. They are very safe and effective for acne-prone skin. Other products that you are intending to try may be on your own risk basis.

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