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Botox is not intended as a primary treatment for bruxism.The root cause of bruxism (teeth clenching or grinding that occurs in the absence of food) has yet to be fully explained. Some possible causes that have been suggested include: Sle... Read Full Answer

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Facial asymmetry due to differential muscle blocking response to Botox is self-limiting and often takes several weeks to months to gradually improve. Alternatively, careful placement of touch up Botox to the side that has a poorer response to the... Read Full Answer
After botox or botulinum toxin injection, it is generally advised to avoid lying down and massaging over the area. The main reason for this is to prevent the botulinum toxin from migrating away from the intended treatment area to the surrounding ... Read Full Answer
Botox is a neuromodulator - it reduces the unnecessary contraction of muscles by blocking neurotransmitters. This reduces the pull on the overlying skin to which it attaches, thereby reducing what we call dynamic wrinkling - wrinkling associated w... Read Full Answer
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Botox injections and their outcomes will depend on the injector's experience with that particular muscle group. Injections into large muscle groups are typically done for functional issues, such as in cerebral palsy or for migraines, and are done... Read Full Answer