Dupixent is the latest treatment and first biologic treatment approved for the treatment of atopic eczema. It targets interleukin 4 and 13, which are key cytokines in the immune pathway that causes atopic eczema. It is indicated for the treatment... Read Full Answer
TLDR: Dupixent treatment costs approximately $2200 - $2800 a month in Singapore. The difference in costs are due to the following factors: Private vs Public (eg. National Skin Centre) The dosage of Dupixent treatment you need to be on H... Read Full Answer
Solar urticaria is a type of urticaria or hives which is triggered by exposure of the skin to sunlight or UV light. It is an uncommon condition. The rash of solar urticaria is the same as the rash of common urticaria or hives, presenting with itc... Read Full Answer
In TCM terms, eczema is usually caused by deficiencies in the spleen, kidney and liver, coupled with pathogenic factors of wind, heat and dampness. As per the previous section, where we explained that the onset of eczema could be due to various fa... Read Full Answer
Eczema is also known as dermatitis. This is due to inflammation of the skin. Symptoms of eczema include skin dryness, redness and itch. In acute eczema, the skin can be oozy with blisters. The symptoms you have described are largely attributable ... Read Full Answer
Thank you for the question.The are many causes for itchy skin when no visible rash can be seen.  The causes include:1 Dry Skin2. Underlying skin diseases eg. eczema, hives 3.Neurological causes  eg. notalgia paresthetica, shing... Read Full Answer
Thank you for the question.  Dupixent is the 1st biologic treatment approved for the treatment of atopic eczema.  It is indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe atopic eczema. Oral steroids are a fast and effective treatment... Read Full Answer
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There are many reasons that can trigger an eczema flare.  Common triggers include:1. Contact with irritants e.g. harsh soaps, detergents2. Skin infection. Staph aureus infections can aggravate eczema3. Persistent scratching4. Environment. Dry... Read Full Answer

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Effective treatment of facial eczema includes the following steps: 1. Avoid aggravating factors such as heat, sun-exposure, dusty environment, etc 2. Avoid applying unnecessary creams on the face such as toner, mask which may add to the skin irr... Read Full Answer