General Surgery

General surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on stomach contents, such as the liver, bowels, gallbladder, and appendix.

For Singaporeans and Singapore PR’s, the cost of keyhole surgery for gallbladder removal is not prohibitive. The restructured hospitals can offer the surgery at subsidised rates with minimal out of pocket expenses. In private hospitals, ma... Read Full Answer
Both open surgery and keyhole surgery have their own risks. For open surgery, as the wound is much larger, there is a greater risk of wound infection and wound healing failures such as hernia development. For keyhole surgery, traditionally t... Read Full Answer

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In general, treatment of gallstones during pregnancy is similar to the way gallstones are treated normally. There are special considerations that your doctor will have if you are pregnant and presenting with gallstones related issues. The most sig... Read Full Answer
In general, gallbladder removal (cholecystectomy) should not affect your bowel habits. Very occasionally, some patients may have softer stools which may give rise to the sensation of urge to defecate.Various studies have also found that to be true... Read Full Answer
Gallstone formation is found to be 2 to 3 times more common in females as compared to males [1]. This difference is observed starting puberty and throughout childbearing age. This is because females have higher levels of estrogen which promotes ga... Read Full Answer
Polyps in the colon can be broadly classified as pre-cancerous polyps or polyps without cancer potential. The polyps are seen during colonoscopy. Your endoscopist will look at the polyp and magnify the scope to visualise the surface characteristic... Read Full Answer
Keyhole surgery is one of the most common approaches to doing colon cancer surgery. I usually recommend keyhole surgery unless the patient has one or more of the following problems. Severe heart condition where the patient cannot tolerate pro... Read Full Answer
Transanal endoscopic surgery is a method of keyhole surgery without creating a scar by using the anus as a natural orifice access. A camera and 2 small keyhole instruments can be inserted to allow the surgery to be performed. It is used to remove... Read Full Answer

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Ulcers in the colon do not usually cause any discomfort or pain. The commonest cause is inflammation caused by food sensitivity or infection (which can be viral or bacterial). Less common causes include inflammatory bowel disease or autoimmune dis... Read Full Answer
In general, as per all abdominal surgeries, laparoscopic approach has less pain compared to open incisional hernia repair during the recovery period. In incisional hernia repair, with the laparoscopic approach, it may be possible to identify othe... Read Full Answer