Hair Loss

Hair loss is also known as alopecia or baldness. The severity of hair loss can vary from a small area to the entire body. 

FUE Hair Transplant in Singapore: Cost, Reviews, Alternatives
“FUE hair transplant Singapore” is one of the most Googled terms locally, with over 1,000 searches each month. It’s no coincidence that hair transplant-related queries is also one of the most popular treatments that Singaporeans send in a request for.   This guide will address everything you need to know about getting a FUE hair transplant in Singapore.
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3 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Hair Transplant (2021)
Losing hair can be a painful experience for both men and women. We often say that a person’s confidence comes from their smile, but hair plays an important role too. Several studies have proven the link between hair and confidence, even going as far as saying that the condition of your hair affects your physical attractiveness, which in turn affects your perception of your social hierarchy. Perhaps this is why more and more people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on hair treatments or even hair transplant if they’re suffering from hair loss. Hair transplant procedures have gotten more advanced over the years, but there are still many misconceptions surrounding it. Here are 3 surprising things you didn’t know about hair transplant!
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The Comprehensive Guide to Hair Transplants in Singapore (2021)
it is true that a hair transplant is permanent and should not fall off if it was done properly. Those hair loss treatment solutions that you see advertised on television? Forget them! They have not been scientifically proven and are non-medical treatments which cannot guarantee your hair back.  If you are just trying some treatments to nourish your hair, you may consider going for these hair treatment sessions.  However, if you are suffering from severe hair loss, you would be better off spending your money on a proper hair transplant.  So sit back, buckle in and let me bring you on a comprehensive journey of hair loss and hair transplant in Singapore. 
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