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Over the course of more than a decade in clinical practice, I have used and come across many lasers. Some have withstood the test of time and stayed relevant. Some disappeared almost as soon as they were launched, not that I care to mention. Ther... Read Full Answer
In Singapore where we have a diverse ethnic population, it is important for a medical practice to be equipped with suitable equipment. There are indeed many good lasers out there, some from the big brands in the US and Europe. But caveat emptor ap... Read Full Answer
I think the question should be more aptly rephrased as “What type of laser treatment is suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin?” To this point, I must say a lot of this depends on the clinical experience of your doctor. Textbook do... Read Full Answer

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Hi,   In short, no.    Food and supplements generally do not affect healing after CO2 laser treatment in a healthy person with no underlying nutritional deficiency. Alcohol may cause flushing and make the post-laser redness more... Read Full Answer
Pigmentary conditions can be complex as it comes in varying types, hence determining an individual’s skin pigmentary disorder might prove challenging to the average person with an untrained eye. More often than not, there might also be an ov... Read Full Answer

"Dedicated to the ethical practice of Aesthetic Medicine"

Hi, Fractional CO2 laser is the best modality for the treatment of boxcar scars. Ice-pick scars may also be treated with fractional laser although treatment response is suboptimal. TCA cross may be used only to treat ice-pick scars. It should no... Read Full Answer
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