Braces are used to straighten teeth, and improve bite, appearance, and overall dental health. Several versions include metal, lingual, clear aligners, or ceramic.

I would say that it depends on the actual appearance of your jaw. If a patient comes to me and would like to have a more defined chin or lower jawline, there are 3 main treatments that can help. They are: toxins, fillers, HIFU or Thermage. ... Read Full Answer
Upon completion of any active orthodontic treatment, whether braces or Invisalign, it is important to understand that your treatment does not end there. You have now moved on to the retention phase of treatment. Research shows that teeth take abo... Read Full Answer
Damon braces are a passive self-ligating orthodontic bracket system that was developed by Ormco TM. Self-ligating braces have a gate incorporated into each orthodontic bracket to lock the wire, hence eliminating the need for elastic or m... Read Full Answer

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The most important thing that you can do to help your dentist during your consultation is to know yourself and what you want to achieve *(your goals)*. Your dentist can provide you with a wide variety of treatment options to help you achieve your... Read Full Answer
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Parents often become worried when they notice their young child is developing an underbite or crossbite (lower teeth positioned in front of the upper counterpart) and come to see me for consultation. The treatment for underbite will depend on the ... Read Full Answer
Invisalign is a removable form of orthodontic appliance which is especially popular with adults, as many patients feel embarrassed about the "braces look" and think that braces are a thing for youngsters. They are virtually invisible and faci... Read Full Answer