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Thank you for asking such an interesting question. Patients presenting with headaches and eye symptoms are a common presentation at a busy clinic. Several diagnoses come to mind, including tension headaches, cluster headache, migraine, aneurysm of... Read Full Answer
The majority of headaches are not due to a brain tumour and more often caused by a primary headache disorder such as tension or migraine headaches. However in some cases, headache can also be a sign of brain tumour especially when there are red ... Read Full Answer
This is quite a challening question to answer without further information. You see, it depends on  What was the mechanism of injury? What was the injury? What was the operation? Does the patient have any other concurrent medical issues?... Read Full Answer
For the pain to spread down the leg, the nerve must be irritated. Another name of this type of pain is sciatica. It is important to see a doctor to assess for neurological damage. If left untreated, the neurological deficits may be permanent. Any... Read Full Answer
A chiropractor is not a recognised medical professional and so may not be the ideal first contact to assess your back problems. I would recommend seeing your family doctor or a specialist (orthopaedic surgeon or neurosurgeon) to assess your back p... Read Full Answer

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Most of the time it is usually due to the vagina being too dry and not well-lubricated enough. This is easily resolved by using vaginal lubricants or engaging in more foreplay prior to penile penetration. For some women, it could be due to sexual... Read Full Answer
Pain in the shoulders can be frustrating - trust me I have experienced it! To start, you could try TCM or massage, especially if you have muscle tightness. However, if your pain is persisting, you could see a sports/musculoskeletal physician or p... Read Full Answer
There are many grades of spondylolisthesis. In fact, there are 5 grades [1]. Moreover, there are many causes of spondylolisthesis as well. Special X-rays and MRIs have to be done and a thorough clinical examination of your spine has to be performe... Read Full Answer
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The fall resulted in a bruised nerve and hence the pain and numbness. Most of the time, these are minor and will resolve with time. Most importantly, you should rest that part of the body.   Some doctors recommend using steroids to red... Read Full Answer

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Ulnar nerve decompression surgery with a nerve conduit is presumably done for an ulnar nerve laceration with a nerve gap requiring the use of an interposition nerve graft or conduit. This is a severe form of nerve injury and recovery from such a ... Read Full Answer