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Q&M: Dentists on the COVID-19 Frontline

Front-line workers such as medical professionals and healthcare providers are feeling the pressure as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise in Singapore. From Q & M Dental Group, we have Dr Badrun, Dr Mohan, Dr Leslie Ang, Dr Syed and Dr Fay Wee share their volunteering experience during this COVID-19 period. Watch to hear what it's like in the quarantine facilities and foreign worker dormitories!

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What are the lessons that could be learnt from working at the COVID-19 quarantine zones?

After seeing all these workers, to me, this is a necessity. It was important that we go in and test these workers because they are the core to our construction sites and developing Singapore. What I liked to see when I was working at the frontlines is how different agencies have actually all chipped in. Nobody ...

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What are the challenges you faced at the COVID-19 quarantine zones (aside from the heat), maybe on the personal or mental level?

I think the challenge would be the different locations, like what Fay had said. We do government quarantine facilities, which are mainly chalets, hotels. And then we’ve also gone into the factory-converted dorms, which are all construction sites. So they both pose a different (set of) challenges, and we only ...

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What were your initial thoughts when faced with the task of volunteering at the COVID-19 quarantine zones? Things like your families getting worried?

I think I share the sentiments of everyone. We all want to help, and when given the opportunity, we were ready to go, we have so many volunteers who have signed up under Q&M that every day when there’s a task we have more than enough for the numbers required. But at the end of the day when you finish and ...

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What has been the most memorable experience working on the frontlines, at the COVID-19 quarantine zones?

I think when you talk about memorable experience, it’s the gratitude that you can see the foreign workers have given us. You know, when we go in they are all scared. They see these guys coming in with their full PPE suit and all that so they are all queuing, and they don’t know what’s happening. ...

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What kind of work goes into ensuring that the COVID-19 quarantine zones are kept in line?

I think that when we go down we are very happy to see that we’re not the only ones there. Ministry of Manpower has also sent people in, the Singapore Armed Forces have got people in, so there’s actually a good team that’s been set up. And we work well (together). Q&M works well with these two ...

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What propels you to volunteer as frontline workers at the quarantine zones?

I think it all started in February when we saw that the numbers were still quite low, but then it started to spike and we all heard that we didn’t want the frontline to be swarmed, for the hospitals to be swarmed. That’s why as dentists we’re actually well-positioned to go in. We have a lot of ...

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Where Do Hand Sanitisers Come From?

Hand sanitisers are likely to sell well for a while longer, even after the Circuit Breaker (CB) lifts. But how did hand sanitisers come about in the first place? After all, there was a time when hand sanitisers didn’t exist! Who came up with the idea? The editing team at DxD would like to share some of their research with you below!

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The Ultimate Guide to Hand Sanitisers, Covid-19, and Air Purifiers: Tackling an Unseen Foe

Hygiene and cleanliness are of utmost importance during this time of COVID-19. This means not only washing your hands properly with soap and water but having other ways of sanitising in case you don’t have access to soap. Hand sanitisers are common items that are very popular in being the next line of defence.

During this trying period, you’ll be staying indoors a lot, so you’ll have to ensure your indoor air quality is high. Air purifiers are one way of doing so and may have the added benefit of cleaning the Covid-19 virus from the air although this is not confirmed yet.

This article first talks about hand sanitisers before going to talk about air purifiers.

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Dr Paul Ang

"Family Physician with special interest in Mental Health"

Can I make my own hand sanitiser?

Yikes! This seems like a really popular question!  Like everyone, I Googled! And as a doctor, when I read the many articles available, with conflicting views- clearly, there are pros and cons.    1. If you have access to the right raw materials 2. If you have the right equipment and set-up; and ...

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