Sports Medicine

Sports medicine deals with physical fitness and the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.

There may be many different reasons for muscle spasm, however, from a musculoskeletal perspective, it could be due to a problem with: the nerve exiting from the spine, the nerve as it passes through the tissue or from the muscle itself. Ir... Read Full Answer
This is quite a challening question to answer without further information. You see, it depends on  What was the mechanism of injury? What was the injury? What was the operation? Does the patient have any other concurrent medical issues?... Read Full Answer
Bowing of the legs can be due to various causes, but off the top it might be due to: Low vitamin D Osteoarthritis of the joint Related to particular sports Long term, there may be a change in your gait, it might cause pain in the knees and... Read Full Answer
If you have a confirmed subscapularis (SSC) tear, then treatment will depend on the nature, degree and inciting event that cause the tear to occur. If it is a small tear involving only portion of the tendon, then this could improve with conservat... Read Full Answer
Tendinopathy can be challenging to treat but the mainstay of treatment remains rehabilitation with physiotherapists and load management. In situations where this is not helping, then you might be offered Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therap... Read Full Answer
Tendinopathy is usually diagnosed on your presenting history and clinical examination. Different areas of the body might have subtle nuances in terms of presentation and physical tests, but for most tendinopathies, an ultrasound examination is ve... Read Full Answer
Spacticity is actually ecxessive muscle tone and this is commonly seen in patients after a stroke. Physiotherapists and manual therapists can help with spacticity through release of the tissue while Rehabilitation Medicine phsyicians can help thr... Read Full Answer
The main aim of treating back pain is to identify and prevent further damage to the spine. This is best achieved by seeing your family physician or a specialist. They may order an MRI to exclude any major pathology and to recommend the best course... Read Full Answer
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"Offering a finer touch in hand and reconstructive microsurgery"

After a joint injury, there is a high likelihood of the development of secondary osteoarthritis at the affected joint. Some measures to prevent that includes: Reduce the load and strain on the affected joint This may involve a chan... Read Full Answer

"Offering a finer touch in hand and reconstructive microsurgery"

I assume that you are referring specifically to the replacement of the 1st carpometacarpal joint. After such a replacement is done, you can expect a better quality of life. Pain should be eliminated almost immediately, and joint motion will impro... Read Full Answer