How We Use Real Patient Reviews To Create A More Transparent Healthcare System


DoctorxDentist empowers all readers to get free expert health information and find trusted healthcare providers.

For patients to make more informed healthcare decisions, it's important that all reviews must be real and authentic opinions   from actual everyday patients.

DoctorxDentist never influences or suppresses bad reviews in exchange for payment.

Below, we address some frequently asked questions about reviews that appear on DoctorxDentist.

Which doctors have a profile and reviews on DoctorxDentist?

DoctorxDentist relies on visitors and registered users to add their own doctors and ratings/reviews. Every licensed provider is eligible for a completely free profile on

You can add a doctor at any time by using our online form. Please let us know if you notice information on a doctor's profile that you believe is incorrect.

Why is my doctor not on the site? Or why can't I find any reviews on my doctor?

It's possible that no one has added your doctor's details, or written a review for him/her yet.

You can submit your doctor by contacting us with your doctor’s information. Healthcare providers are added to our database every day, and we appreciate your help in this process.

How do I leave a review for a doctor?

There are two methods to leave a review for your doctor:

1. Visit the Write a Review page and search for your doctor’s name

You can find the review form for doctors here. If you cannot find your doctor, please contact us with your doctor’s information to submit your review. 

When writing your review, please keep in mind that all reviews must comply with the DxD review guidelines in order to be posted.

2. Visit the doctor's profile page

On their profile, click the option besides their name that says "ADD A REVIEW", and you will be directed to a form to fill out your review.

Why do I have to sign up to leave a review?

DxD requires a registered user to submit a review as we wish to discourage false, vexatious, or frivolous reviews that may not be from real patients.

By logging in to submit a review, users are also able to receive notifications if and when the reviews are responded to.

Does DoctorxDentist accept reviews from unregistered users? 

We don't accept feedback from unregistered users in an effort to prevent purposeful manipulation of a provider's rating.

Patients are required to provide their contact information before leaving reviews so that we will better be able to verify that the reviews are not submitted by bots.

Why did my review not get posted?

Your review has to comply with our review policy and guidelines. If it does not comply with our guidelines, we will send you an email to let you know why the review was not posted, so that you may edit and resubmit the review.

DxD does not suppress, reject or influence credible reviews, whether they are positive or negative. 

Do doctors pay for good reviews?

No, doctors cannot pay for good reviews. Reviews have to be from actual patients, and provide information about first-hand experience, costs, quality, and satisfaction. 

Any provider that is found to have engaged in fraudulent behavior or behaviour contrary to law and/or our guidelines and terms will be excluded from searches, and a notice will be placed on their profile.

Can doctors pay to have bad reviews removed?

No, doctors can never pay to have negative reviews removed from DxD. 

In the interests of transparency, providers can't remove their profiles from DxD, so companies can't hide poor ratings from patients. 

We will continue engaging relevant health regulatory bodies and professional organisations in the discussion on how patients can leave authentic reviews for doctors to create a more transparent healthcare system.

If you are interested in working with us or finding out more, whether you are a health professional, patient, or reader, drop us a message via our Contact Page and we will get in touch.

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