Are glasses necessary after cataract surgery?

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The truth is that cataract surgery does bring about greater spectacle independence, however does not negate the need for glasses completely. It would be an unrealistic expectation to want to be completely spectacle free (that is likened to wishing for the eyes of a 20-year-old at the age of say 50-years).

Many patients after cataract surgery will be able to function well daily without the need for spectacles, but will still fall back on a good pair of reading glasses when indulging in prolonged reading for example, reading a novel, reading the chinese newspapers, doing computer work. 

This is because our eyes do suffer from fatigue after prolonged work and our eye muscles would need a break with the aid of some reading glasses. Young children/adults don't have this problem because their eye muscles don't fatigue in the same way as that in us, mature adults. 

Having said that, I have performed cataract surgery on many young adults using the newest trifocal intraocular lenses and they are able to be completely spectacle free, to my surprise. 

In summary, it is possible to be spectacle-free after cataract surgery, but most mature adults still do need a good pair of reading glasses for certain activities that are visually more demanding. 

Hope that helps!

Dr Claudine Pang

Hi Chee Meng, 

D2D. Using advanced biometric technologies and the latest equipment at our centre, my objective is for every patient to be independent of spectacles after they undergo cataract surgery.

At my clinic, our team goes through a very stringent and meticulous process of measuring the biometry of each patient’s eye. We use multiple different types of formulae to choose the most appropriate lens for the patient’s needs.

However, a patient may still need reading glasses if they are best suited for monofocal lenses which corrects his short-sightedness (myopia) or far-sightedness (hyperopia) but not his presbyopia.

A patient with astigmatism, but was not suitable for toric lens will  also require astigmatic glasses to correct his vision after cataract surgery.

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