Can keloids be caused by friction and excessive sweat?

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Keloids are raised scars that sometimes appear after surgery, injury or arise from pimples or ear piercings. These are common in Asians and are often found in areas such as the chest, back, arms or earlobes. Repeated friction to an area of injury may contribute to keloid formation as scars over areas of increased movements, such as the elbows or knees often heal forming a keloid scar. However, sweating is not known to be a contributory factor.

A combination treatment approach using VBEAM laser and steroid injections into the scar can lead to excellent improvement after 4-5 monthly sessions. Patients often see lightening and flattening of the keloid scars, as well as improvement in itch and pain. For keloids on earlobes, we normally combine CO2 laser with monthly steroid injections. The whole treatment is usually quick and fairly comfortable.

Keloid scars can be effectively treated to give a better cosmetic outcome and also to alleviate any symptoms that may be associated with the scar. Do see a trained doctor or Dermatologist for treatment.

Dr Chin Yee Choong

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Keloids may be triggered by minor skin injury to the skin in predisposed individuals. Usual skin injuries causing keloids include ear piercing, truncal acne, BCG vaccination, infected skin wounds and skin surgery. 

Unless the friction is severe and causes a deeper wound, keloids are unlikely to occur. Excessive sweating will not cause keloids as no skin injury is present.

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