How are acne scars on the nose treated? (photo)

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Thank you for your photos.

From those photos, you have a combination of Box and Ice Pick scars.

Treatments wise, I would advise a combination of the TCA CROSS technique and Fractional CO2 lasers.  For the TCA CROSS technique, high concentration TCA Acid will be administered to the scars to "fill" them up and make them less deep.  Multiple sessions will be required and downtime of a few days to a week is to be expected. 

Fractional lasers wise, there are hundreds of different settings and ways to administer the laser to ensure optimal results so do speak with your treating physician on this.

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These are box-cart and ice-pick scars, secondary to past acne, which the first doctor has alluded to.  

The treatment for this would be a series of ablative lasers ie. CO2 or Erb:YAG to resurface the skin and let it heal in a controlled manner through the production of collagen.  I would not use other types of lasers as they don't give a noticeable visible difference.  

In my clinic I would normally use a combination of fractional Erb:YAG and continuous Erb:YAG laser.  Treatment intervals are about 4-6 weeks and there is usually a 1 week downtime.  

I tell patients they can expect a 40-50% improvement after the series of laser treatments and the downside is a possible post-laser darkening.



Dr Benjamin Yim Fu Chuen

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